Technical Courses

Running clinical trials is a complex matter and requires many technical skills. Skills ranging from GCP (good clinical practice) over all applicable regulations surrounding clinical research up to operational aspects on how to carry out clinical studies resulting in high quality data whilst safeguarding the study participants' safety and well being. 

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Communication Courses

Executing clinical research requires many skills. Communication skills are undoubtly considered as the most essential competencies in the clinical research arena. Regretfully, these are also the ones which are very often overlooked when it comes to training. At ECCRT we realize this GAP and offer a wide range of communication trainings. Ranging from basic communication and presentation techniques, you will find here topics such as intercultural communication, remote communication: all vital aspects for running clinical trials nowadays.

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Management Courses

You are responsible for the execution of a clinical trial, or a part thereof? Find out more on how to become an effective manager. Ranging from basics such as managing your own time and juggling with the daily multi-tasking over true project management skills all the way to convenient negotiation skills and much more.

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Leadership courses

Responsible for the performance of a project team, your own or an extermal team reporting? Have a look at our courses on how to lead and manage people. Basic people management courses and line management essentials. Learn how to motivate your team and get the best out of them, whilst creating a productive but enjoyable atmosphere.

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Virtual Campus

Our Virtual Campus is now available. This will be your future starting point for all learning, whether online, webinar or classroom. The campus will be offering a wide variety of blended learning solutions and will allow you to manage your learning, keep track of your progress and status of already acquired versus needed competencies.

Once you order a course in our webshop, you will automatically get access to the Virtual Campus via "my ECCRT".

ECCRT is also offering corporate LMS solutions. 

Star Programmes

ECCRT has developed a series of course collections, called STAR Programmes. Each STAR Programme combines a number of training sessions that are key to the development of your career in a specific function or area. A mix of technical and soft skill trainings assure that you will get an all-round curriculum, providing you with all required competencies needed.

Global Clinical Trials Day

21 May 2016

Thank you for your enthusiasm in celebrating Global Clinical Trials with us on 20MAY2016!

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