Jozef Tanczos
January 2019

I am thankful for Marleen and Benedikt that have provided a very enriching experience not only for me but to all participants, through an interactive course and case based training, striving people to participate rather than just listening, and through the participation of an audience with mixed level of experience. The feedback I received from them was positive, considering the experience they have in the field and business. They confirmed the training session provided implementable knowledge for their day-to-day work, especially through the case-based workshops.

Course followed
ISO 14155
Miracor Medical
Karine Barthe
October 2018

Going into deep on some topics was very useful to understand why we have to do these tasks, what is expected and how to do them in a better way - Based on what was discussed during training I will improve my actual monthly progress report - workshops were very well adapted to our needs.

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Advanced Clinical Project Management
David Stanbury
September 2018

Good organisation of the course: theory followed by practical implications.

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Bionical Emas