Gerda Sabbe
May 2010

I would like to thank the trainers of ECCRT with the course:  “EU Clinical Trial Directive: implementation in Belgium”.   Even though my current interest is mostly in “medical devices”, I learned a great deal from both Mr. Bonnarens and Dr. Verbeeck.  The information was presented very well, even though the materials can, in itself, be quite boring. In addition the practical handling of the subscription, reception, training, breaks and conclusion of the meeting went smoothly:  congratulations.

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European Legislation for Clinical Research – Implementation in Belgium
Medical Device Works
Nele Bes - Belgium
February 2010

I admit, as a nurse I did not expect to find a course about regulations attractive.  And I certainly did not think I would get fascinated by the origin and applications of GCP and even less that I would lose myself in lively discussions about real life practises during the course.  But I was most surprised how this course boosted my motivation as a study nurse.  To know the 'why' behind laws works as an enormous motivator to try to apply them into practice.  Where GCP was a 'must do' before, it is now a challenge.

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Clinical Research Training for the Investigational Site Team
Regionaal Ziekenhuis H.Hart Leuven
Sophia Anastassova - Bulgaria
January 2010

I received the certificate of the comprehension test, everything is perfect! Thank you very much for all your support and help, and I would very much like to also extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to all of  ECCRT staff for the wonderfully organised training for Junior CRAs on 21-22 Jan 2010 in Brussels, of which I hold excellent and warm memories! The course was really first-class, very knowledgeable, professionally useful and conducted in a very amibale atmosphere! All my best wishes to you and your team, and I hope we will have further opportunities for mutual cooperation in the future!

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Clinical Research Training for Junior CRAs