You want to advance your clinical project management skills in order to be more effective in the dynamic and changing clinical research world? You want to be more visible and esteemed in your organisation? This 5-Day STAR Programme is intended for experienced Project Managers wishing to widen their technical project management and soft skills and to get in depth training on how to behave as a project manager, within the team, but especially also outside of the team, with other stakeholders.

This STAR programme will provide a very varied selection of topics allowing you to become a seasoned and respected project manager in your organisation.

Course time
09h00 - 17h00
Programme highlights

The courses included in the Advanced PM STAR programme are selected to provide advanced competencies needed for you to work as an experienced PM and to become a role model for more junior colleagues. The programme is composed of the following courses:

And 1 of the 2 below courses:

These courses are organised 2 times per year, you can either follow them consecutively (in 1 week, with exception of the course “CRO Management”) or compose your own schedule over the 2 occasions.

Learning Objectives


This series of courses cover 91% of competencies that are needed for a Senior Clinical Project Manager as described in the ECCRT Competency Framework (read more [hyperlink to website promotional page])

Complete the number of competencies per domain listed

  • Scientific Concepts & Research Design (1)
  • Ethical & Participants Safety Considerations (0)
  • Investigational Product Development and Regulation (3)
  • Clinical Studies Operations (GCPs or ISO 14155) (5)
  • Study and Site Management (9)
  • Data Management and Informatics (1)
  • Leadership and Professionalism (5)
  • Communication (4)
  • Teamwork (3)
  • Business acumen (5)

Be aware that attending one of ECCRT open course does not guarantee that the competency is acquired but only guarantees that the related knowledge has been trained.

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