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This one-day course will give insight in the dynamics of change management and how to handle them. Changing habits, ways of work is a real challenge to most of us. It often leads to tensions between people and their environment. Change management is a real must for everyone involved in clinical research.

Dealing with change effectively is crucial to success in any clinical research effort. From “thinking out of the box” to dealing with risks and the unexpected, to aligning with different types of people and diversity. Mastering the dynamics of change for yourself, your team and organisation will significantly increase your chances of success in clinical research projects.

Course time
Who should attend

Anyone involved in projects could benefit of this kind of course. Project leaders will be able to facilitate processes more effectively. The team, as a whole, could also benefit, by understanding the REAL challenges they will face and by knowing how to take care of them.

Programme highlights
  • The dynamics of change and their impact on people
  • How to deal with these dynamics
  • The change process: stages and specifics, do’s and don’ts
  • Transition: how people experience change and how they react to it
  • Change facilitation for the team: how to align people, deal with communication and issues, how to deal with resistance
  • Personal action plan.
Learning Objectives
  • Provide insight and understanding of the dynamics of change
  • Learn the impact on individuals, teams and the organisation and to know how to deal with this effectively
  • Be able to facilitate a team through a change



This course covers competencies that are part of the ECCRT Competency Framework

  • Scientific Concepts & Research Design (0)
  • Ethical & Participants Safety Considerations (0)
  • Investigational Product Development and Regulation (0)
  • Clinical Studies Operations (GCPs or ISO 14155) (0)
  • Study and Site Management (2)
  • Data Management and Informatics (0)
  • Leadership and Professionalism (3)
  • Communication (0)
  • Teamwork (0)
  • Business acumen (0)

Be aware that attending one of ECCRT open course does not guarantee that the competency is acquired but only guarantees that the related knowledge has been trained

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