Are you a seasoned Clinical Research Professional and always eager to learn more? We have composed something special for you: we selected a total of 7 highly specialised courses from our training offer into this exquisite STAR Programme, with expert trainers and professors as well as regulators.

Even though the topics trained are specialized, they are essential if you want to work in the area concerned. Take for example the Course “Paediatric Clinical Research”: if you want or not, one day you will be faced with a Paediatric Investigational Plan and you do not want to miss the boat in terms of knowing what the needs are as well as how to carry out this very special type of clinical trials with children.

For this STAR Programme, you have the choice to select either the 7 courses it is composed of, or you can also select only 5 or 3 out of the 7.
Some of these courses are organised several times per year, you can compose your own schedule over the period of 1 year. In this way you can tailor this program to your availabilities and priorities.

The total costs for this STAR programme (the 7 courses) is 15% cheaper than if you would follow all courses individually.

If you opt to only take 5 out of the 7 courses, the price is 4 661 EURO (excl. VAT).
If you opt to only take 3 out of the 7 courses, the price is 2 952 EURO (excl. VAT).

This offer is not cumulative with other promotions or discounts.


Course time
09:00 - 17:00

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