Clinical Operations Courses

Are you supporting a clinical team, responsible for filing and/or other administrative tasks?  Clinical Trial Assistants (CTAs) have a crucial role to play in the clinical research process. They must adequately maintain all the project’s documentation according to stringent standards. In addition, CTAs also assist with periodical reviews of the clinical project records for accuracy and completeness in order to remain audit-ready. 

Personnel entering clinical research for the first time and having less than one year’s experience have a great need for information and assistance in order to perform this function.

This two-day course will guide you through your responsibilities (GCP and others) and shows you how to document, record, file and archive trial material. It covers the basics and regulatory principles that underpin clinical research and also provides a practical coverage of the day to day functions. Theory and interactive exercise make this training the ideal foundation for a career as a CTA.

Course time
09h00 - 17h00
Who should attend

Clinical Trial Assistants who are relatively new to the job. This course will also be beneficial to people working in other areas.

Programme highlights
  • ICH-GCP as the basis of Clinical Research
  • ICH-GCP essential documents – sponsor and study centre requirements
  • Trial Master Files and Investigator Files
Learning Objectives
  • To introduce the new Clinical Trial Assistants to drug development
  • To clarify the difference between medical care and clinical trials
  • To be familiar with the new CTA with ICH-Good Clinical Practice (GCP) rules
  • To present the processes of a clinical trial from beginning to end
  • To explain the why, when and how of essential study documents

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Roberta Manfroni
February 2014
Grunenthal Italia

I want to thank sincerely the ECCRT for the excellent quality of the training provided. I felt warmly welcomed and I was given a very good assistance in organizing the trip, especially thanks to the support of Ms. Veerle Bultinck.

A great thanks to my highly qualified trainer for the clear explanations, for the availability  to give us all the clarifications we needed, for the material provided and for the way she managed to motivate us.  

I really enjoyed the training, the organization and all the staff!