Communication Courses
Part of a STAR Programme

This one-day course will reveal all possible problems related to miscommunication. It is designed to improve communication between colleagues and/or clients in a project environment. 

Communication skills are an important tool when working out solutions for specific issues and realising individual and common objectives. We are often very concerned with the “what”: the content of communication. But this is actually only the tip of the iceberg; the biggest and heaviest part lies underwater and is the “how”. The “how” is generally given little attention, and this is often the reason for misunderstandings and friction.
The aim of this course is consequently: to raise your awareness of your own communication behaviour around others and to optimise your communication by making your skills more flexible.


Course time
09h00 - 17h00
Who should attend

Clinical research professionals wishing to improve and/or refresh their communication skills

Programme highlights
  • Communication: what is communication, communication versus miscommunication, the difference between what I say and how I say it, my way of interpretation
  • Basic rules to simplify dealing with others and with conflicts
  • Introduction to negotiation skills
Learning Objectives
  • To become aware of personal behaviour and that of others
  • To be able to communicate in a constructive way with colleagues and/or clients
  • To become aware of the necessity of good listening skills
  • To recognise your own negotiation and communication style and to adapt it to the partner of negotiation
  • To learn how to recognise important moments and conflict situations in negotiations
  • To be able to communicate effectively in projects: managing conflicts within a team and using assertive techniques in order to communicate effectively

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Ahana Kar Ghosh
January 2016

The course 'communication' was very useful for me to improve my communication skills effectively. It was truly a great course with theory as well as workshops included based on communication principles. The workshops with real life scenarios made these skills easy to understand like "How to ask open questions instead of close questions" and "how never to use BUT and instead use AND...THEN" while communicating.

I would recommend this course to anyone in clinical research or otherwise too to improve your communications skills and get the bestout of situations. The course gives us tools that teach us to communicate on a hih-gher level on things like conflict management resolution etc. and it also give us an ability to listen and understand people better, thereby improving relatonships at work as well as outside work. Now that is a great outcome of the course!