This programme aims to help you obtaining the ACRP certification. This training path, combining face-to face and eLearning linking the theory to day-to-day practice should help you understand the ins and outs of your job as either CRA, Clinical Trial Coordinator or Investigator. After this extensive preparation period you will have the necessary experience and hard skill knowledge to identify your position in the clinical research arena. Following this programme will allow you to face the ACRP certification Exam with much more confidence and a strong basis.

Programme over 15 months
• 1 day live training: Introduction to ACRP certification programme & ICH GCP Training

• Participants receive their ACRP membership and a tutorial on uses of the membership as well as information about certification and how to access the eLearning components of the program.

• Live one day training provided by ECCRT on basic ICH GCP training

• 1-6 months: return to work environment to apply first day training materials

• 2-day live training: Position Specific Training (Senior CRA course, Clinical Trial Coordinator course, Investigator Course)

• 6-12 months: return to work environment to apply learning from 2-day program

• 12-15 months: engage in ACRP eLearning programming and certification exam preparation

• GCP for the experienced CRA (ICH GCP E6)

• Mastering the Event Reporting Cycle (ICH GCP E2a)

• Risk Based Monitoring: The essentials for CRAs

• Drug Development Process (E8)

• Theory to Practice (E9)

• Certification Exam Preparation Package

• Self-paced eLearning course

• Exam Practice Exercise

• Revision Guides

• ACRP Certification – following 2 years of work experience (eligibility or associated certification fees are not included in the STAR program)


Course time
Who should attend

CRAs, Clinical Trial Coordinators and Investigators who wish to become ACRP certified

Learning Objectives

To provide vigorous and pre-determined training during the course of 15 months in both live and eLearning formats. The end goal is to provide a foundation that ideally results in certification but at minimum results in high performing professionals.

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