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This one-day course will give you insight in how to deal effectively with stakeholders in your working environment (projects, teams, organization…).. Many people are involved or will undergo the impact of your work activities. Each of these people may have other interests; up to you to align people towards success.

Organisational politics, stakeholder management, aligning people on a project or in a team…. It all comes together when you and your colleagues work across the organisation in project management. So many people to take into account, so many viewpoints… An effective clinical research professional is above all an effective and skilled influencer.

Course time
09h00 - 17h00
Who should attend

This training is suitable for a variety of clinical team members, but particularly those individuals who need to regularly influence the action of others, such as CRA, management and senior leadership teams.

Programme highlights
  • Part 1: How to discover without assumptions
    • This part focuses on listening and observation skills. It deals with a common pitfall in influencing: people listen with their own perspective in mind, while they should be outward-oriented.
  • Part 2: Sharing and exchanging productively
    • This part focuses on building powerful arguments, and on aligning interests between people. 
  • Part 3: Resolving issues between people
    • This part focuses on dealing effectively with conflicts and tensions
  • Part 4: Integration
    • This part integrates the other 3 with a number of common influencing techniques added
Learning Objectives
  • To provide insight in the dynamics of influencing and negotiation
  • To provide insight and understanding of the impact of organisational culture and personality on stakeholder management
  • To be able to “flex” towards other people in order to align them
  • To be able to deal with tensions and conflicts 
  • Workshops

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