Clinical Operations Courses

TO YOUR ATTENTION: Registration on Monday 21 MAY only. This mini eLearning session will be available for a month from Monday 28 MAY to Thursday 28 JUN.

You are new to the industry and need to know the basics? You would like to know more about what does Clinical Research mean? This eLearning course will introduce you how medicines are developed, the difference between pre-clinical and clinical research, the phases of clinical research and the different study types used and the way to market a product.

This eLearning course will focus on the elementary aspects of clinical research. Through an interactive step-by-step approach, we will introduce you into the world of medicine before they are available on the market. This course is designed to introduce you with the basic aspects of pre-clinical and clinical studies, the rules and regulations to follow and the ethical considerations .

Interactive quizzes and exercises for self-assessment are included to provide a better understanding of each part of the course..

Continuous interactivity with the trainer and fellow students is also encouraged through the ECCRT Virtual Campus Discussion Forum.

If you want to have the full picture of how a Clinical Trial is set-up, the trial participants management and what are the different stakeholders working in Clinical Research you will need to purchase the whole course on Introduction to Clinical Research.

Course time
At your own pace; the course will remain available online for you for 1 month (28 MAY-28 JUN) after you register for it. Registration on Monday 21 MAY only.
Who should attend

Everyone who wants to know about clinical research. No prior knowledge is required.

Programme highlights
  • Pre-clinical research, phase I to phase IV studies
  • Legislation and Rules guiding Clinical Research
Learning Objectives
  • Understand all steps of how a pharmaceutical product gets to the market
  • Know the difference between pre-clinical and clinical research
  • Understand why clinical research is performed

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