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For people who move from a technical Clinical Operations job to a leadership one it is often quite unclear how their new role differs from the former one. New competencies, new ways of behaviour are needed to lead a Clinical Research team and new expectations are set.  This two-day course will give you insight in and understanding of your role as a manager.

What makes this course unique, compared with other Line Management courses is the individual personal coaching session with the trainer 3 months after the course to ensure you get the most out of this training programme in a way adapted to your situation.

The Line Management Essentials course gives you a clear insight in your role as a line manager in the Clinical Research world, in how to communicate with subordinates in day-to-day but also difficult situations, how to lead and coach them and how to help them succeed in their job. The whole course is very practical, and participants go through a series of workshops and role plays that represent typical line management situations as self-evaluation, communication role plays, performance cycle role plays and leadership workshops.

These workshops will also allow you to share issues commonly encountered with a Clinical team.

Moreover, the individual coaching session with the trainer 3 months after the course is a real added value in the development of your line management skills.

Course time
2-day classroom from 09h00 to 17h00 and 1 coaching session remotely of 30min.
Who should attend

People who just moved to a position of people/line manager, or who have the ambition to further develop themselves towards filling in people managerial positions in the near future.

Programme highlights


Your role as a line manager

  •  What is line management?
  •  How does it differ from day-to-day operational work as an individual?
  •  Manager vs coach, facilitator
  •  Manager vs leader
  •  Managerial roles
  •  Responsibilities and authorities

Communicating effectively

  • Listening skills
  • Assertive communication
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Giving bad news


Managing the performance cycle

  • Giving feedback
  • Job evaluation
  • Performance evaluation
  • Goalsetting
  • Personal development plan
  • Dealing effectively with underperformers

 Team Leadership

  •  Management style and its impact on the team members
  •  Motivating people
  •  Coaching people on the job
  •  Delegation: what, when, how?

Coaching session: discuss specific issues and develop your LM skills.

Learning Objectives
  • Identify to what extent this role is something for you
  • Know what to do to be successful in this role
  • Be able to communicate effectively in typical line management situations and challenges
  • Be able to facilitate the performance cycle in your team
  • Be able to lead a team effectively
  • Implement the skills acquired in this course through a personal coaching session

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Sabine Corachan
March 2016
Breast International Group

I had the pleasure of attending the first edition of the new Line Management course at ECCRT. This 2 day course dealt with many enriching topics, essential to every line manager. Marc Devisch turned the course into a true powerful learning experience, thanks to the many practical day-to-day examples, workshops and role plays. I highly recommend this course to every new line manager. Thank you ECCRT