Leadership courses
Part of a STAR Programme

Do you want to improve the interaction with your colleagues or within your team in a project environment?

This one day course gives you some theoretical and practical insights in communication, meeting techniques, negotiation techniques, teamwork, motivational leadership and handling of conflicts. It will bring out the best of every team member. 

Course time
09h00 - 17h00
Who should attend
  • Project managers (or related clinical research professionals) wishing to improve and/or refresh their people management skills
  • Experienced project leaders, facing problems or challenges with respect to the interpersonal skill part of project management
  • Senior CRAs who want to set new goals for their career as clinical research project team leaders or clinical study manager
Programme highlights
  • The role of a leader in a project: when and how to use different managerial leadership styles effectively, assigning tasks, dealing with underperforming project members
  • Effective team management: teams versus groups, creating performing teams, dealing with conflicts, convincing team members
  • Communication skills in projects: key elements of communication, active listening, how to manage conflicts in a team, using assertive techniques, applying different communication styles effectively, role plays
  • Meetings: guidelines for effective meetings, procedures and people, how to manage processes before, during and after meetings successfully
Learning Objectives
  • To know the role of project leader
  • To know how and when to use different managerial leadership styles effectively in a project
  • To understand effective team management: how to manage project teams and how to take different personalities within a team into account
  • To be able to communicate effectively in projects: how to manage conflicts within a team and use assertive techniques in order to communicate effectively
  • To understand how to manage the process of project meetings successfully

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Elodie Culot
September 2016
Institut Jules Bordet (CTSU)

All discussions were really rewarding. It was very interesting to do the personality test and know if we are on the right track to lead a team!