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The importance of Learning and Development has been and is still increasing. Besides, it has been proved that creating a learning culture within an organization helps to motivate your team and achieve objectives faster.

The ECCRT Open House will cover topics that will help you develop your team. Moreover, tools and tips will be shared and you will also learn from others’ experiences.

Ann Devos will be our Keynote Speaker. She is the GCP Training & Compliance Director at Ablynx and she will share with you her Learning & Development experience in a fast-growing Biotech environment.

Practical Information

21 SEP 2017

Fee*: 100€ (all incomes will be transferred to the association Anticancer Fund in Belgium)

Hotel Van Der Valk Brussels Airport, Culliganlaan 4b 1831 Diegem, Belgium

Here is a selection of topics that will be covered in parallel sessions: 
  • Learning & Development sessions
    • How to work with CROs? The best practices – Nelle Stocquart
    • Meeting Efficiency – Peter Muschoot
    • Team-To-Go: Make your team succeed in their projects – Nelle Stocquart
    • Training Delivery: choose your way of learning – Anne Marot
    • Develop your career with the Competency Framework – Benedikt Van Nieuwenhove
  • Technical sessions
    • What are the challenges of the ICH-GCP E6 (R2) Addendum 2016?
      – Marleen Verbeeck
    • The Clinical Trials Regulation 536/204 in Europe : a complete overview and update – Marleen Verbeeck
    • Appreciative Auditing and Inspecting: a different approach? – Liesbeth Lemmens
    • Data Protection in Clinical Research: What's new? – An Vijverman
    • Patient rights under the CT regulation – Olivier Van Obberghen & Pieter Wyckmans
    • How to organize Investigator-Initiated Trials? – Liesbeth Lemmens

Anticancer fund logo*This year we are proud to announce that all incomes will be transferred to the association Anticancer Fund in Belgium.

The Anticancer Fund is a non-profit foundation with an international reach dedicated to expanding the range of treatment options available to patients, regardless of their commercial value. The foundation has a dual mission:

  • Developing promising cancer treatments that are currently neglected and bringing the most valuable treatments to the patient as quickly as possible.
  • Providing free comprehensive, evidence-based information about cancer treatments.


Open House 2016

"The ECCRT Open House was a very interesting conference day about Learning and Development in Clinical Research. It was not only informative, but open and dynamic. I gathered several tools and tips, which I could implement immediately within my team. Moreover, it was very stimulating to share ideas and experiences with other attendees and see what other companies are doing.

It was also a good opportunity to get to know more about the ECCRT training programmes and its tailored solutions. I will definitely take part to the 2017 Open House and I would recommend this event to anyone interested in Learning & Development in Clinical Research."

Martin Krauss-Managing Director at FGK Clinical Research GmbH

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