Consultancy & Coaching


ECCRT is your partner in providing consultancy for any training matter, whether this is about how to set up a training department or setting up a competency framework, we are there to help you being succesful. We can also be your point of reference for regulatory matters.


ECCRT provides individual and team coaching. Either as a stand alone service or as a follow-up to a training session. Our expert coaches cover topics such as leadership and career coaching, communication, growth, perfection, fear to failure, burn-out syndrome. Contact us today to find out more.

Tailored Courses

You are looking for a tailor made training programme or you want to run an in-company session for your team? We can provide any topic, starting with topics from our public courses to creating brand new company specific training material.

Contact us today to request a proposal.

Gap Analysis & Training Plans

ECCRT can help your organisation in doing a GAP analysis of required versus available competencies. Following such an analysis, we also provide support in setting up a training plan and/or recruitment strategy to help your organisation being compliant to the most stringent clinical research standards.