Prof. Isabelle Huys 


Prof. dr. Isabelle Huys is pharmacist by training and with PhD in pharmaceutical sciences and further specialisation in the regulations around medicinal product development at KU Leuven.

Her research focusses on access to medicines and therapies. The research program studies diverse legal and regulatory aspects along the continuum of a medicinal product life cycle, from medicinal product discovery, development, approval, reimbursement and market adoption. The research program focuses on all types of medicinal products (small molecules, biologicals, advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs)). Topics include biobanking and access to (human) biological samples and data, the use of real-world data in medicinal product development, repurposing of medicines for cancer indications, patient preferences in medicinal product development, precision medicine and companion diagnostics, off-patent strategies of biological products and market access of biosimilar and drug shortages. Isabelle Huys supervises PhD projects in this research program and publishes the research in diverse journals.