Dr. Wilma Meijs 


After her
study Biochemistry, Wilma Meijs  performed her Ph.D. research into
radiopharmaceuticals. Since 1996 she worked at QC and QA departments of
different pharmaceutical companies. During her carrier, she gained experience
with a wide variety of different pharmaceutical products, including small
molecules, complex parenteral dosage forms, proteins, vaccines, gene
therapeutic and cell therapeutic products. From 2003 she has been involved in
different projects aiming the set up and implement the GMP-requirements for
pharmaceutical products for clinical use. Since 2013, she also fulfilled a
QP-role for these investigational medicinal products. 

  • Her real passions:
  • Regulations
  • Biotech manufacturing processes/QC-testing
  •  Risk Based Product development
  • Validation


She is
providing standardized training but also tailor-made sessions adapted to the
specific needs of the client and the company.


Languages: Dutch & English